Lindsey Hagewood

Vinyasa, restorative and hoop!


All Levels

Class Overview

Vinyasa yoga: in this energizing flow class, students flow with their breath through a series of yoga postures. In doing so. They awaken their prana, or life energy, the class is a moving meditation, helping students connect mind. Body. And spirit. They will leave the class feeling both enlivened and calm modifications will be provided, and the class is appropriate for all levels.

Restorative yoga : in this relaxing yoga class. Students will hold postures for longer periods of times, using the support of props, in doing so, the tension in the body is released and the mind is calmed. Students will leave the class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Hoop yoga: in this class we will be using a dance hoop so try to avoid using too big of a hoop or weighted. You will also need a mat as we combine the hoop with yoga poses which adds balance. Extends stretches and helps rotate the torso, creating body awareness in a playful new
Form of exercise. Using a hula hoop during yoga practice can actually help you reach difficult poses. Think of it as alternative yoga prop.

Class Highlights

  • Relaxing and calming class
  • Increase flexibility
  • Learn breath work