Lindsey Hagewood

In this beginner-level class we will dive into the foundations of fusion belly dance, while also building up our muscle control and confidence in movement!

1 hour

All Levels

Class Overview

Each class will begin with a warm-up developed to promote strength and flexibility to get us ready to learn and drill some of our fundamental movements. Some of the things we will be focusing on are posture and arm movements, hip and chest isolations, shimmies, figure eights, undulations and more! Every week will have a different focus, and will always end with a small fusion belly dance combo to take home with you and drill. I aim to create a space where we can all learn how to express ourselves freely with movement while advancing our skills together!

Class Highlights

  • Promotes flexibility and strength
  • All levels welcome to dance!
  • Learn belly dance combos and fusions
  • Learn a new skill every week!