Lindsey Hagewood

Who knew hula hooping could be such great exercise? In hoop fitness, you will learn the basics of on-body and off-body hooping.


All Levels

More Advanced with hoops? We have a class for that!

Creating combos 101:
This class is all about finding the flow with your hoop! We will be using light-weighted hula hoops or a smaller sized hoop (27-34* od) as we are going to be focusing on tachs and transitions so that you can tap into your own movement and find out so many more possibilities to add to your hoop dance. This is a beginner Friendly class!

Creating combos 102: this class is much like the creating hoop dance combos 101 class except we will dive in a little deeper to more Intermediate to advanced tricks and transitions.

Class Highlights

  • Find the flow with the hoops
  • Focus on transitions
  • Dive deeper into advanced tricks